Natural Seal Blizzard Boots by BILODEAU Canada-Mens


This is the essential pair of boots for winter … whether for ice fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding or simply for nature walks, the Blizzard model is the warmest ever designed.

Features & materials

  • Outside in real fur
  • Removable liner in thick and firm felt, covered with a fabric that allows perspiration to escape
  • Membrane completely covering the inside of the boot, allowing additional insulation and delaying water infiltration
  • Removable insole of the boot covered with micro polar fleece to reduce the condensation that can cause temperature variations
  • Thermoplastic rubber outer sole designed to resist the heat given off by a snowmobile, as well as contact with petroleum products

Warranty: 6 Months



The Blizzard snowmobile boots with natural seal fur were designed for cold winter weather. It gives all the comfort and warmth needed to enjoy your outdoors activities. Its components insulate your feet from the cold while keeping them dry.

Its semi-rigid sole offers a good grip on snow and distances you from the cold ground with the help of a network of air cells. The sole is made from durable thermoplastic rubber. The removable inner sole completes the air cell network and adds a layer of cold protection under your foot with its rigid closed-cell foam.

The inner lining is a membrane with microscopic pores that stops humidity from coming into the boot, while letting it out and away from your foot. Its fur and leather exterior is one of the best barriers against the wind and the cold.

  • The Blizzard boots have a zipper fastener to give you more room when getting in and out of them and a series of eyelets with decorative laces. The top trim is a band of black leather, giving the boots a clean and elegant finish. It is the joint between the exterior and the semi-removable inner lining.
  • The Blizzard boots’ felts are slipper-like in their warmth and comfort. It is possible to obtain a pair separately to keep as spares or to give your boots a new breath of life by replacing the old felts.
  •  The Blizzard boots are unisex and have no left or right foot by design. The felts inside will take on the shape of your foot. Initially, they may feel a bit tight until the felts adapt. We recommend ordering the same size as you would your regular shoes.


Blizzard boots are not water-repellent. These boots are designed for use in cold weather. In order to keep them in good condition, avoid wearing them in wet snow or rain. After each use, if they are wet, remove the felt and simply dry them at room temperature. Placing them next to a wood stove or radiator could damage the sole, fur and leather. Store them in a cool, dry place.

To find your size: The boots fit unisex, so the size 4 man = 6 lady (4M / 6L)

Shipping Countries: Hong Kong

Ready to ship in 1-2 business days from Canada


Shipping Policy

Shipping: within 15 business days

Please note that we will contact you if the delivery does not correspond to the delay mentioned on the website


Refund Policy

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, an exchange or refund can be granted within 30 days of your purchase. The following conditions must be met :

-The item was not worn;

-The item was not washed;

-The original tags are still on the item;

- The items must still be in their original packaging;

- The original invoice is included with the returned items.

Shipping costs are covered by the customer.

In the case of a refund, we will refund only the cost of the items, not the shipping costs.

Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 6 in

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Congratulations! By buying a product from the BILODEAU Canada collection, you have made the best choice to enjoy winter and stay warm!

BILODEAU Canada uses the best materials to make its products. Proper use and care will help extend their lifespan.
Use and care
Here are a few recommendations concerning the use and care of your boots:

– BILODEAU boots are designed for cold weather, it is important to avoid wearing them in wet snow as they are not waterproof.

– After use, retrieve the removable liner, and the false soles to let them dry, if any. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BOOTS TO DRY BESIDES A HEAT SOURCE, it will dry out the leather and cause fur loss.

– In the case where you wore your boots in an area where salt was used in the streets, clear the fur on your boots in clean snow or with a damp cloth to remove any residues.

– It is important to avoid any repetitive friction to minimize the loss of fur. Among other things, removing your boots with your hands rather than using the other foot is a good habit to develop.
Never wash genuine fur.
Adequate storage

The end of the winter season has arrived? It is important to store your fur products in a cool and dry place. Storing them in their original box or leaving them as they are is the best solution.

Now, be ready for the next season!

When you store your items, we recommend that you check the state of your boots. In the event that there are repairs that need to be made, the ideal moment for it is from March to September. The turnaround time for repairs is shorter and your boots will be ready for the next season.

For any repair request, false sole or liner replacements, communicate with our customer service department

by e-mail at :

or by phone at : 418-274-2511


Coats and other BILODEAU Canada accessories

Your BILODEAU Canada coat has a 6 months warranty period against any defects. The push buttons, seams, velcro, zippers, textiles and insolating materials are under warranty against any manufacturing defects for 6 months after the date of purchase.

The warranty applies to any garment that has been properly cared for and has not been subjected to abusive use.

Our coats are machine washable on delicate cycle with cold water. Flat drying.

It is important to remove the fur collar as it is not washable.

The warranty does not apply if the coat was dry cleaned as it can harm the waterproof lining.

No warranty can be applied without the purchase slip.
No refunds are available.

Never wash the genuine fur on your hood or collar.

BILODEAU Canada boots

Your BILODEAU Canada boots are under warranty for a period of 6 months against any defects. The eyelets, soles, liners are under warranty against any manufacturing defects for 6 months after the date of purchase. The warranty applies if the boots were properly cared for and have not been subjected to abusive use.

Fur, like leather, can be scratched which will cause fur loss. The warranty therefor does not cover against normal wear where the fur was damaged by friction or a strong source of heat. Only manufacturing defects deriving from the dressing of the fur can be covered by the warranty. An expertise will be done by our team of experts will determine the cause of the defect. These cases are rare as our products are subjected to a series of tests and rigorous quality control.

Although we use the best products available on the market, we cannot guarantee ours boots against abrasion, deterioration and damage from excessive heat. Our boots were designed for use in snow, not water.

We require that the original purchase slip be shown, no warranty can be applied without it.

Please note that the BILODEAU Canada warranty does not include shipping costs. All repairs must be sent to BILODEAU Canada at the customer’s cost. When the warranty is applied, the return costs will be covered by BILODEAU Canada.

*All repairs must have an authorization code granted by our customer service department before being sent and it must be included on the shipment.

**No refunds will be made.

Repair requests

Please send us your repair request by e-mail to :

In your e-mail, please describe the issue and attach a copy of the original purchase slip and a few photos of what needs to be repaired.

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