Poinsettia Seal Skin Brooch


  • Hand Made on Random Island Newfoundland &Labrador.
  • Made with special attention to detail.
  • Red and Green Seal Skin
  • Back Bar Pin


Download our Canadian Seal Fur Brochure and Canadian Seal Industry Brochure to learn more!



Very light, stylish, and comfortable.


– Made with %100 Real Red and Green Seal
– Back Bar Pin


Green & Red Seal Skin


OneSize fits most, 2 1/2″ wide x 2 1/2″ long

About seal fur

We use natural seal fur 100% ethically sourced from Canadian harvesters in Canada. Our seal fur has been tanned and dyed according to the environmental rules in Canada. All seal furs have variations in color and finished caused by their natural origin.

Enjoy handmade

Our products are authentic and carefully handmade with high-quality materials. Take care of them and you will enjoy our exclusive items for a long time.


  • Ready to ship in 10 days after your order.
  • No returns are acceptable.


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