Seal Fur Teddy Bear


Need a snuggle? Here you go. 😊
Seal fur is very smooth and has a unique tactile profile making is perfect for little ones exploring the world or your inner child who needs a hug.




Harp Seal Skin, Sheared Beaver on ears and feet


Black, Red, Steel


  • One Size
  • 18” tall, 13” paw to paw

About seal fur

  • We use natural seal fur 100% ethically sourced from Canadian harvesters in Canada.
  • Our seal fur has been tanned and dyed according to the environmental rules in Canada.
  • All seal furs have variations in color and finish caused by their natural origin.

Enjoy handmade

  • Our products are authentic and carefully handmade by the artist themselves, with high-quality materials. Thoughtful, unique slow fashion that will last.
  • Take care of them and you will enjoy your exclusive items for years to come.

Made to order

  • 2 weeks




重量 1.5 磅
尺寸 24 × 14 × 5 英寸



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