Elaine X – Women’s Seal Fur Coat and Silver Fox Trim


  • Beautifully trimmed with black fox at the hood, sleeve cuffs.
  • Inseam outer pockets with a hidden inside pocket just for you
  • Wonderful oversized hood
  • Incredibly warm
  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellant
  • These natural and ethically sourced materials will stay beautiful and warm in harsh winter conditions
  • Inseam outer pockets
  • Hidden inside pocket
  • 2 way zipper



This beautiful seal fur coat with black fox trim at the hood, sleeve cuffs is perfect for winter practicality while also being beautifully eye-catching. It has inseam outer pockets with a hidden inside pocket just for you.  Wonderful oversized hood.  It is incredibly warm, wind resistant and water repellant.  These natural and ethically sourced materials will stay beautiful and warm in harsh winter conditions.


Seal fur. Black Fox, Casha lining


Steel, Black, Polar (See Colour Charts for Custom Options)


2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18, 20

Please see the attached size chart to determine your measurements.  Contact Always In Vogue to confirm your sizing. Email dhalloran@hotmail.com  or call the store – (709) 722 9432

About seal fur

  • We use natural seal fur 100% ethically sourced from Canadian harvesters in Canada.
  • Our seal fur has been tanned and dyed according to the environmental rules in Canada.
  • All seal furs have variations in color and finish caused by their natural origin.

Enjoy handmade

  • Our products are authentic and carefully handmade by the artist themselves, with high-quality materials. Thoughtful, unique slow fashion that will last.
  • Take care of them and you will enjoy your exclusive items for years to come.

Made to order

  • 2-3 weeks

Return info

No returns.  Exchange or credit only.  Contact vendor for more info.

Custom Fitting

We strive to make sure your garment will be a perfect fit! When you purchase a garment from Always in Vogue, our in-store furrier will help you ensure measurements to ensure a perfect fit.  Follow our measuring guides and reach out to Darren dhalloran@hotmail.com or call the store (709) 722 9432

Fur Cleaning

The number one concern with fur is that the natural oils in the pelts will dry out. When this happens, the pelts become so dry, that they rip apart like paper. When you rub your fingers through the fur you should be able to feel a slight oiliness, this is normal. Dust, pollutants and airborne particles are attracted to this and get caught in the hairs of the fur. They then act as a sponge drawing the natural oils out of the pelts. These particles also have a huge effect on the hairs of your coat that can wear on the natural shine of the fur over time, making your coat look old and worn.

Always in Vogue recommend a professional cleaning after every two winter seasons. Our process is a dry fur clean, meaning we use a chemical called Mineral Spirits, mixed with sawdust. We then place the coat into a drum for one hour, where the sawdust beats against the fur taking out any dust or particles it may have gathered over the seasons. We then place it into a second drum for an hour. This drum takes out the sawdust that went into the fur.

Once this process is complete the fur will go through a glazing machine. The purpose of the glazing machine is to comb and polish the furs and manually apply a glazing solution to restore the lust. The pockets are then blown out to make sure there is no remaining sawdust left over.

The final stage is steaming the lining and steaming the fur. We use a hand steaming machine to make sure the lining looks good as new. The final step of steaming the fur is to make sure all the hair is lifted and the dullness is taken away.

Always in Vogue strives in customer service and taking care of your valuable fur garment is one of the many services we offer.

Fur Storage

One of the biggest misconceptions, when you purchase your valuable fur garment, is how it should be stored in the offseason. Always in Vogue have a humidity controlled fur storage facility on site. This is one of the most important steps you can take to preserve your furs. There are no rules or set dates in regard to when furs should be stored. When it starts to get warm outside and you are done wearing your fur coat for the season it should be put in storage. When the weather gets colder and you are ready to start wearing your fur again you can take it out of storage.

People tend to think that keeping your fur home or in a cedar closet during the summer months and not spending the money on cold storage is okay. Too much heat or too much cold can ruin your valuable fur. Humidity level is important when a fur will be hanging in one place for a long period of time. If the humidity is too low or too high the natural oils in the pelts will dry out. Here are some of the main characteristics that our onsite storage facility has which are important to preserving the garment:

  • 40-45 Degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
  • Humidity controlled between 45% and 55%.
  • Vermin and insect proof
  • Theft protection
  • Minimal U.V. light exposure
  • Ample space for each garment
  • Our easily accessible facility is on site.
  • Once the garment is onsite a professional furrier will examine your garment for repairs, cleanings or damages.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 6.5 × 17.5 in

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