Sealskin Candy Cane Ornament


  • Sealskin Candy Cane Ornament
  • 3.5-inch tall and 2.5-inch wide
  • Crafted from natural and dyed sealskin
  • Genuine white leather backing and inner stabilizer
  • A unique blend of Arctic elegance and holiday spirit

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Finish your holiday decor with our Sealskin Candy Cane Ornament, a 3.5-inch tall and 2.5-inch wide masterpiece crafted from natural and dyed sealskin, featuring genuine white leather backing and an inner stabilizer for lasting beauty and a touch of Arctic elegance.

The Artist

Beverley King has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a Masters degree specializing in Art Therapy. She has been creating sealskin products under the name of “BWSealStyle” since 2016. She started working with sealskin through experiences with the St. John’s Mi’kmaq Women’s Circle, of which she is a founding member. It soon became a passion and a form of medicine and healing when, after the passing of her parents, she needed a way to move on from the caregiving role. The sensory experience of working with the seal fur is relaxing and satisfying. She combines natural materials such as pelt, fur and antler with man made materials to create various pieces of jewelry, brooches and ornaments.


  • Sealskin.


  • as shown


3.5-inch tall and 2.5-inch wide

About seal fur

We use natural seal fur 100% ethically sourced from Canadian harvesters in Canada. Our seal fur has been tanned and dyed according to the environmental rules in Canada. All seal furs have variations in color and finished caused by their natural origin.

Enjoy handmade

Our products are authentic and carefully handmade with high-quality materials. Take care of them and you will enjoy our exclusive items for a long time.

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